Forbo Novilon vinyl floors

The renowned residential flooring brand Forbo presents a unique range of vinyl parts under the name Novilon® Vinyl. Trendy parts in slats and squares will impress with their design, which bears the handwriting of Dutch designers.

The design of the decors excels in a more vivid, realistic and transparent design with a number of color variations. The exclusivity and maximum reality of the structures is underlined in some wood decors by embossing in the register. Embossed patterns embossed in the raster exactly copy the look of the decor. The patterns are plastic to the touch and you can feel it, for example. Faithful structure of raw wood.
All decors of the Forbo collection have been created in their natural form. The main representation is wooden patterns. The structure of the wood, annual rings, color shades, the size of the boards and the relief of the surface, everything is created so that the decor corresponds as much as possible to the real natural material.
We can thus think of wooden flooring without chips, cracks or creaking. The collection includes proven oak decors in many colors, unconventional pine with embossing in the register, popular seagrass decor in a range of shades or, last but not least, a new decor reminiscent of raw corrugated beams, including their rough relief. The stone pattern is dominated by concrete structures complemented by a metallic and sandstone appearance.

The design and production of vinyl parts go hand in hand with environmental friendliness and sustainable development. The parts are produced without phthalates, contain a proportion of recycled material, are produced in a production plant that uses 100% green electricity and all production waste is recycled.

FORBO NOVILON vinyl floor decors