The largest Slovak manufacturer of wooden floating floors


What we understand is wood processing

We have been producing wooden floating floors since 2002. During this time, we have developed into a company that is qualitatively successful on the European market. As the world changes from day to day, so we have been able to respond to market and consumer demands throughout our existence. Our belief in quality workshop processing and subsequent investments in technology has paid off and our company has qualitatively acquired a European character.

Our employees have a 30-year tradition and experience in the production of wood semi-finished products and parquets. In the beginning, the main profile of the company was wood processing and securing the supply of wood material for various purposes.

After many years of experience with wood processing, we have created a program for the production of wooden parquets. Our uniqueness lies in the production of floating floors with a CLICK lock, also suitable for underfloor heating. The CLICK lock allows them to be mounted without gluing. The surface treatment with hardened wax oil OSMO ensures high resistance to water, coffee and other liquids, which allows them to be used without problems in the kitchen and even in the bathroom.

We provide floors with experienced floorers who have been laying our parquets for more than 10 years. Professionally laid floor completes the overall impression and satisfaction of our customers.

And that is our main intention.

In addition to our wooden floating floors of the EUROPARKETT SLOVAKIA brand, we also offer you a wide range of floor coverings made of other materials:






We will provide you with complete services from consulting, installation, maintenance to transport.