GERFLOR vinyl floors

The Gerflor HQR PVC flooring product line has been designed to be maximally wear-resistant and can be used both in commercial premises and in households. It offers high durability of utility class 41 and a wide range of luxury decors. The absolutely unique Fiber Glass technology of the textile base enables the reduction of costs associated with the preparation of the base and the subsequent laying of the covering.

This technology can compensate for small unevenness in the substrate, reduces noise and accumulates heat very well. The high quality of Gerflor HQR floors is underlined by a 15-year guarantee, which applies to residential areas. It is an environmentally friendly floor covering with antibacterial protection Sanosol. The unique patented technology - GERFLOR textile mat - is the only one on the market that can reliably compensate for small unevenness of the substrate.

All GERFLOR products are manufactured in accordance with applicable legislation, with an emphasis on health, user satisfaction and the environment.

Made in France.

Exclusive selection of decors

  • High resistance - load class 32-41, the floor is also suitable for commercial premises
  • Comfort - sound insulation 16 dB, significantly reduces heat leakage through the floor
  • Easy installation - saves time and money
  • Ideal for renovations - thanks to the ability to compensate for minor unevenness of the substrate
  • The antibacterial additive SANOSOL effectively prevents the spread of bacteria and fungi
  • Resistance to scratches or overflows thanks to a high-quality tread layer in combination with a flexible base material
  • Water resistance - adapted for bathrooms and kitchens

Product information

1. Tread layer with surface. PUR adjustment

2. Thick foam with decor print

3. Glass fiber layer

4. Compact levelling layer

5. Textile floor

GERFLOR vinyl floor decors



Manuals and brochures

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Warranty conditions

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Technical sheets

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Installation and maintenance instructions

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Declaration of performance

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